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The New V6 Engines Sound Like a “lawnmower”


The radical 2014 rule changes regarding the switch from the current naturally aspirated V8’s to single-turbo V6’s are causing fears regarding the sound difference.

Engine noise is a key component to auto racing. The dramatic banshee yell of the V8’s of today and the even more spectacular shrieks of the twin turbo V10 monsters of the 80’s are arguably the backbone of the Formula One spectacle. The guttural burps on downshifting and the strained screaming at redline are akin to orchestral music.

Right from the start, the new V6 engine noise has been doubted to compete with the sounds of the past. Fears have mounted even further today as Bernie Ecclestone himself likened the V6 sound to a “lawnmower.” The FIA is not made up of fools. They do understand the importance of the exhaust sound the F1 cars play and are therefore, looking for means to shore up the downsides of the new engines.

The absolutely filthy thought of artificially enhancing the sound has arisen. There is no other escaping the fact that, should this be done, Formula One cars will officially endorse ricers. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “ricer,” they are those kids who strap massive exhaust tips on their beat-up, spray painted Civics. The disgusting part is the lack of functionality to the sound, which would come from a squeak box mounted in the exhaust. The type of individual who subscribes to these ideals is one who would gladly stuff a cucumber down his pants for obvious reasons.

Let’s all hope reason averts this potential crisis. I cannot imagine all the horrible cardboard body kits, shark fin spoilers, and fake air vents attached to sub $500 cars around the world once the ricer-nation is validated by the most prestigious racing organization in the world.

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