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2013 Mustang GT662?


The official numbers on Ford’s counter to Chevy’s Camaro ZL1 have been released. Simply put, the Shelby GT500 has taken the American pony car to a new level. For the price of an M3 you could get yourself a month long vacation to Tahiti, more than one high class call girl, and the world’s most powerful production V8. At just $55,000, this pony, or should I say, war horse (don’t sue me Spielberg), will take you to over 200 miles per hour at the behest of 662bhp. What is more astonishing is, despite the extra power of a Fiat 500 under your hood, you will be making 5 more miles per gallon on the highway than the ZL1. Couple that bombshell with the headroom to cope with people who have not been decapitated and Ford has countered the Camaro out of the ring.

Only the most deluded of fan boys could argue that the ZL1 is a better bang for your buck than the Shelby. GM now has the ball in their court to remain competitive as the top dog in the Detroit muscle scene. Chrysler/Dodge seems to have given up with the pig of a car that is the Challenger. With the renewal of the Viper and the looming C7 however, I would kill to see Ford mount this monstrous engine into a supercar class body. A 662bhp Ford GT would really knock people unconscious at a car show.

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