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2013 SRT Viper Set to Start Production This Coming January


There was a time when I thought the Viper was really cool and that was in 1999 when they had the GTS model. That car looked so incredible, there was nothing like it at the time, it almost took you by surprise it was a Dodge. Then came the following generation Dodge Viper SRT, and that one I didn’t care for because I kept reading the C6 Z06 Corvette was faster. The problem was that generation never made any advances from the GTS model except for exterior styling. It still didn’t have any type of traction control, there was no comfort driving it, and the interior didn’t have any refinements for ease of operation AKA cruise control. There were people that said that this shouldn’t be an issue, that the Viper was a sport car, purpose built, for racing. OK, but when it cost $85,000 I expect to at least get cruise control, just for sometimes, I promise I won’t use it all the time. Unfortunately the declining sales of the Viper caused Chrysler to discontinue it in 2010, it might have had something to do with the cruise control. Maybe?

Well Now in January of 2013 the Viper will be starting production again with a totally new redesigned supercar, and WOW it looks amazing!! I don’t know what to describe first because I’m very impressed by the car, OK OK we will start with the interior. They have updated the seating positions and seats within the cabin, previous owners complained about the space and the inability to get comfortable in the car. The gauges are all new and they are fully digital with an LCD readout in both the dash and the center console unit. The center console unit obviously features a radio and a bunch of different gauges that the Viper always had such as oil temp, oil pressure, etc. Now they have also added Navigation in that unit, and in case you were wondering, yes they have put in cruise control. Phew, everything just got a little better.

Mechanically speaking the Viper has the same 8.4L V10 churning out 640 bhp with 600 lb/ft of torque. The suspension and body have been stiffened case in point the cross member that’s right under the hood. Plus the Bilstein Damptronic two-way adjustable shocks are making the ride as comfortable as possible while making the Viper as agile in the corners as needed. Motor Trend says they expect it will break previous records at Laguna Seca Raceway. They have added stability and traction control to help the driver feel like a true race car champ with all this power. The main thing that I am a little iffy on is the brakes…they put in big StopTech Steel rotors and brakes. Now I have nothing against StopTech but was Brembo not willing to do the Viper? And carbon ceramic is not an option? The car is set to cost around 95,000 and we don’t even have the option of carbon ceramic brakes? While the Corvette Z06/Z07 for that amount of money has them. Just saying. SRT Viper team excuse for this was that they didn’t want owners to chip their carbon brakes when they would take off the wheels/tires during track days. They added that steel rotors handle the heat from extreme braking better anyways. Someone should put in a call to Ferrari and let them know, SRT team did some tests apparently.

All in all the car looks amazing and apparently it will have everything we have come to expect form supercars today…fast as hell with the refinement and comfort that we deserve, because not everyday is a track day. Most days people have to get to work, and what better way to get there than with the new Viper.

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