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2015 Mustang 4 Banger


You read that correctly. The upcoming Ford Mustang will be available with a 2.3-liter four cylinder engine. Mind you, it will be an eco-boost, putting down numbers in the 300bhp range, but it still sounds dirty. Any self-respecting gear head will know why this is terrible news.

Arguably the poster boy for Detroit muscle has been fitted with the guts of a sub-compact economy car. Optimists may hail it as a beefy economy car, but the Mustang was never about hugging trees. The Mustang was a symbol of American pride once. The brand almost literally put the horse in horsepower. When the word Mustang is heard, who thinks of a horse? The images that immediately come to mind are those of Eleanor blasting through barricades, Steve McQueen jumping the streets of San Francisco, and ground trembling exhaust notes. Muscle cars are grit and balls. The hiss of a turbo and the kitten-purr of a four cylinder hardly play to the reputation of the Mustang.

I, for one, would rather Ford kill off the brand and let it die an honorable death, yet we have to watch this prolonged torture first. Now we have to see an “eco” leaf badge next to the sprinting stallion. The Mustang is an icon which represents something. Changing the soul of the beast is like putting electronic web guns on Spiderman…Wait!

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