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6 Awesome Cars That Will Be in The USA and Not Make it to Europe


You always hear these import guys rave how there are better models offered in the European market vs the domestic(US) market. You know the classic Evo, Subaru, Honda, Volkswagen, etc guys. They are always buying JDM parts trying to achieve perfection to prove how amazing they are. It is true though, the better versions of those cars with more horsepower and better trims do come out in Europe and not in the United States. You have the Evo and its VQ versions, that are bought from the dealer and are warrantied as if they were stock Evo’s. The R36 Passat, along with the R line GTi, but that came to the US now, after years of begging. Honda Civic Type R’s used to be in Europe and now they are making their way stateside. But how come we never talk about the cars that are awesome, that are only for the US market, that aren’t given to the Europeans? Is it that we don’t know about them or they just don’t exist? Well I got six of them that will blow your mind! And if your wondering, why 6? You can just stop now, because I don’t need to explain myself to you, your not the boss. So stop with the questions and enjoy the show…

Challenger/Charger SRT8

The Challenger/Charger SRT8 will not be crossing that big pond. They are over there, because people do buy them, but they import them directly from the US through importers. So only if you are a rich man you will be buying this car, the Chrysler dealers will not be offering them. The European criminals are going to have to use something else to steal that bank safe, from that police station, that the drug lord is holding his money in. Do they even have these types of scenarios in Europe?

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

After all the testing they did on the Nürburgring, Chevy decides that Europe will not offer the Camaro ZL1. The engineers basically said, take a look, soak it in, because you will never have this! The Camaro is only offered one way and that is with the 6.2L V8 420hp (SS) and it costs about the same amount we have to pay for the ZL1! US > Europe

Ford Mustang GT500

Apparently people buy Ford automobiles, I don’t know these people, but they do exist. Also apparently Ford is big in Europe, I guess just not big enough for them to offer the GT500. The regular Mustang is making it’s way overseas for the 2014 year, just that it will not be the GT500.

BMW M5 Manual

OK OK this isn’t from America but they will only be offering the manual version in the US. The Euro version has an Automatic with the flappy paddles only. If you are a driver that likes to have fun in your M5, this is one of those moments that should make you proud to be an American. If not living in a land where you don’t have to leave your house to go to the bathroom already did. Village life is not easy.

Ford Raptor

I can’t believe I put two ford’s in on the list, but c’mon look at this picture, it screams GOD BLESS AMERICA!

SRT Viper

On the Brighter side for Europe, they do have the Corvette, but this rattle snaked monster will not be available. I am sure the rich will be bringing this car over on the Grey market, but still the average consumer will have no opportunity. Oh well, they can’t handle this size engine anyways, the pumps would dry up…

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