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Aston Martin Virage Dropped from Lineup – Daniel Craig Says Good!


OK, no Daniel Craig didn’t say anything, he might not even know, he is so used to driving the DB-S, which by the way is AMAZING, that he might not even know the Virage is available. To me Aston Martin should only have two models available, and they are, the crazy fast one and the cheaper not so fast one. Since the Virage was trying to be in between those two models it would obviously eat up the sales between the two. Only a year in the mix and it was dropped. Oh well, off to bigger and better i guess.

How awesome is it to be James bond though, think about it, you get a sexy beautiful car that usually has an artillery hidden within itself, and at the same time its a chick magnet. I mean if the Vette gets em wet, What does an Aston do? It literally fucks them! Think about it, your blowing up cars on the way home from work to evade the annoying NYC/Tri State area traffic while fucking, doesn’t get any better than that. They have an old saying for that…two birds one stone? OK, that might be if you have two hookers in the car, that’s different. LOL.

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