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Beauty, Beast, Both?


Here’s sand in your eyes. Now once you’re done crying, have a look at the new limited Mercedes G63 666 6×6. This rugged monster does it all, from hopping hills, climbing sand dunes and storing that cargo. I guess 4 wheels wasn’t enough; Mercedes wants to give you maximum traction. Well, maybe not you but some wealthy SUV lover, because here is where you start crying again. Priced at $457,000 for 536-horses and six 37”ers, looking to make adventurers out of any rich bastard. Its twin turbocharged 5.5 liter V8 and 560lb torque is sure to haul some ass. Let’s not forget about the 18” ground clearance and 52-degree approach angle for those steep hills and deep waters. Sporting a 7-speed automatic transmission this beast can do about 0 to 60 in six seconds, not bad for weighing over 4 tons. Did I mention it has inflatable and deflatable tires at the push of a button? The interior has everything you’d expect from a Benz, 4 seats, leather and A/C. Sounds about right.

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