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Chevrolet Plans a non-Stingray, Low Cost Corvette


The latest rumors are that GM is going to produce a low cost entry level base Corvette for sale under $50,000. This model will have a 5.3L V8 with a little under 400 hp, it’s very similar to the engine that is being debuted in the GM trucks. GM did consider a twin turbo V6, but unfortunately it was dropped as an idea because the V8 were more fuel efficient.

The car will end up looking a little different with different front fascia, rear diffuser and fenders as well. The way I see it, it will be like the difference of the base model and Grand Sport model that exists now. Except for the obvious lower amount of power. Just hope they do not change the interior, because it finally looks awesome and very driver oriented, HOW IT SHOULD BE! Have to see when they reveal it, if the damn base model will be worth it. For me, HP is very important and I would pay extra to have more power. So maybe I will have to overlook the base model and go straight for the grand prize.

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