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Corvette Stingray Buyers Guide Now Available


Ok, it isn’t the pricing guide or the actual brochure from Chevrolet, but it has all the features and options the car will be coming with. The guide starts with either the coupe model or the coupe with Z51 goodies. Still not sure weather the Z51 will be worth it, you can’t know till they say how much it will cost. From what I see the Z51 has everything I would want from a Stingray, it’s just that if the Z51 package costs 10k then i’m not sure how much I believe it would worth it.

On the C6 the Z51 package was just slotted rotors, suspension upgrades and a more aggressive exhaust note. That was the basic gist of it, I think you got stitched headrests and some other aesthetic features. Correct me if i’m wrong. Either way I didn’t think it was worth it at all, because it’s not like the car stopped better or handled better by a massive margin with this upgrade. I know a lot of people were going to hate me with my next statement, but I didn’t even think the Grand Sport is worth it, with the extras you got. I mean all you ended up getting was a car that cost so much more to maintain and you weren’t noticeably faster or agile than the standard C6 Coupe. Some believe the fatter tires on the Grand Sport slowed it down because the engine didn’t get any extra power, that’s mostly from what Matt at Tune Time would say, because of simple physics. It definitely handled better but launching the car became harder. Basically the Grand Sport was only worth it, if you tracked the car quite often. That’s the only place and setting where you would see the difference. Do you really need that package, if you don’t go to the track?? How will you order your Corvette Stingray? Find out here. Is the Z51 Package worth it? Tell us what you think, in the comments…

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