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Emporio Motor Group Grand Opening


I had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening party for a new exotic car dealership in Ramsey, NJ. There was free booze, amazing food and, of course, exotic cars.

Emporio isn’t your regular exotic dealer as they will soon have in stock certain boutique models that, honestly, I haven’t heard of, one of which is a Danish hypercar called the Zenvo ST-1. It packs what appears to be a twin-charged (both turbo and supercharged) 7.0 liter LS7 V8 producing upwards of 1250bhp. It sounds very Hennessy Venom-like, yet, far more refined. The body is a completely original carbon-fiber design as opposed to a Frankenstein Lotus.

There are a couple of other odd makes coming soon, including a bulletproof dictator-mobile called Dartz and a 1000+ horsepower electric car known as the Rimac. Unfortunately we don’t have much information on these two, yet we will hopefully get up close when they arrive at the showroom.

Emporio also aims to carry my wet dream in the near future: the Koenigsegg Agera R. Check out the Drive Network’s fantastic YouTube series to get educated on the wizardry going on at Christian Von Koenigsegg’s Swedish factory. The Agera R is arguably the most advanced hypercar on the planet.

I did get to drool over a Ferrari 599 Fernando Alonso edition they had in-house. One of only 60 in the world and it is sitting right there in Ramsey, NJ! This is especially impressive knowing Ferrari’s history of selling exclusive models only to individuals they deem worthy.

Bobby Khan, the owner of Emporio Motor Group, is as much a gear head as anyone, which is the only sort to be trusted when it comes to your fantasy car, because they’re his fantasy cars as well.

Millionaires and window shoppers alike can get a look at their current inventory at Emporio Motor Group’s website.

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