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Ferrari Enzo Parking Ticket Issues in Dubai


If you decide to own a million dollar supercar chances are you have money to insure it, put fuel in, and even maintenance it. In my opinion, you should also have money for various tickets such as speeding, careless driving, and excessive speeding. You should especially have money for parking tickets, those are for when you pull up to exclusive clubs and park right in front. This is for you know real, “I’m the man kind of stuff.” Because lets face it you made it! With a car like this you’re a winner and you deserve to be a jerk every so often. Everyone else should just worship the very asphalt you’ve parked on. Unfortunately for you in Dubai, debt is a crime and if you don’t pay those tickets and accumulate debt, you will go to jail. So what would be the ultimate “I’m rich, bitch” maneuver? You park the car somewhere and leave the country. Why not? You could always buy another one right? So what happens with the Enzo that’s left parked? In six months the Dubai Police own and auction the car off to the highest bidder to get your parking ticket money. It’s a vicious cycle, but they need that parking ticket money. Checkout the photos where you can see what 6 months of sun and sandstorms do to a clear coat.

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