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GOLF 7 is Here and it’s Lighter?


Yes the seventh generation of the Golf has debuted in Berlin, Germany recently and they are saying that it will be lighter?? To me that is insane because I don’t recall the Germans ever caring about weight. Since every model of the Golf has gotten fatter and fatter over the generations. But not the newest generation! It is going to be 220lbs lighter than the previous sixth gen, plus it will also get the usual: more features, more safety, and more performnce. I am just very amazed that they plan it to be lighter, no longer will Honda’s be light and quick. the Dubs will retaliate, well unless Honda’s get even lighter. SMH. Either way it should be good to see what the GTI will look like and what performance it will bring to the table.

I don’t care much about there economy Golf models, I care about the GTI because that is the fast model that’s offered. Although there is a 1.4L engine that’s twin charged, that VW puts in their standard Golf (EURO) for fuel economy, that’s pretty cool turbo and supercharger working together. I wonder if that will make it over to the US? Doubtful! But you never know maybe the Germans will surprise us. Doubtful again!

German’s don’t usually bring the cool stuff over here AKA… Passat R36 or RS3. Still waiting for those to come.

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