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Lamborghini Has Put a Price on Italian Patriotism – $4.6 Million


If you are wondering what in the World am I talking about, take a deep breath, scroll down and stare at the pictures. Its Lamborghini’s new limited production hypercar, the Veneno. Which in Italian means, “how do my tail lights look.” Actually I found out verano in Italian means adventure, but Veneno I can’t find. But I’m hoping it can be a tail light reference in Italian slang at the very least. Lamborghini will be producing 3 of these cars only, and that sounds perfect because there are only 3 colors on the Italian flag. Yup, you read correctly, Lamborghini is only making three, and each one will be one of the three colors on the Italian flag. In case your not sure which colors they are, that’s why I’m here, I Googled it as well; it’s green white and red. Too bad Lamborghini isn’t from Ireland we could have gotten some Lamborghini candy apple orange paint.

The three cars are already sold, so if your reading this and thinking of ordering one your SOL I guess. Also if your reading this and you have that kind of money, would you like to make an angel investment into the heavy foot?? Think about it, Mark Zuckerburg gave 10.2% to Peter Thiel, his first investor; I’m offering 10.5%.

Back to the Veneno, it’s build off the Aventador platform and will have a 6.5L V12 with 740hp and 7 speed single clutch transmission, with a top speed of 220mph. FORZA Italia!! I will keep you guys posted on anymore info as it officially debuts later today at the Geneva International Auto Show.

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