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Lamborghini is Selfish


Lamborghini has debuted yet another highly obnoxious hyper car. Yawn. This has largely become a nuisance in my opinion as the models have been restricted to single digit production figures and their designs are gag-inducing monstrosities, save for the Reventon. The Urus was arguably the tamest of the concepts, yet it seemingly disappeared in a stack of foolish design sheets. The Veneno was the last straw for me with the most ricer body kit I have ever seen from an established auto manufacturer, until now.

Enter the Lamborghini Egoista. The name literally translates to “selfish.” The designers have gone absolutely hot wheels with this “attack helicopter” inspired, one-seat exotic. Its namesake holds true as only one will be produced. There’s a bit of Batman, Top Gun, and downright Transformer in the aesthetics. With more angles than Seal’s face, this car looks like it was created from a crumpled piece of scrap paper.

The “cockpit” looks like a fighter pilot’s wet dream. The steering wheel is a chiseled F1-style wheel with a HUD that appears to be aimed to fire a sidewinder missile. Topping the cabin off is an orange-tinted canopy. The body is also adorned with markings to show you to “step here” in order to climb your way to the command center. Furthermore, the fuel-cap may confuse you as it is marked “jet fuel.” Just aft of the cabin is the engine compartment, which houses a modest 5.2L V10 out of a Gallardo.

Alright, it is kind of cool…

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