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Land rover Will Debut 9-Speed Automatic at Geneva Auto Show


Soon it will be 12-speed, it will be like how it was with bikes one day soon. Land Rover is preparing to debut their 9-Speed amalgamation to replace the old 6-speed. Wow they made a serious leap! It has sequestration gearing setups that allow it to change gears quickly and frequently depending on throttle response and demand. It will hold a gear and shift down multiple gears to help you get up to speed as fast as possible. Sport mode? They probably did all this because they felt adding that extra button would have killed the look of the interior.

Imagine they had to try and throw in an extra button in there, it would have been mayhem. Let’s be serious there isn’t anywhere to put it anyways. Obviously im being funny, Your cue to laugh! Either way when Land Rover builds it they go all out it seems like. I’m just excited someone remembered to put these larger speed transmissions in a manual form. Thank god for that engineer for the Corvette Stingray, 7 speed manual. God bless you Mr. Engineer!

By the way this is the original Land Rover, and it had a 4 speed…apparently that wasn’t good enough.

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