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McLaren 12C Spider Unveiling at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan, NYC


In case you guys didn’t know what Classic Car Club is let me tell you before you make any inaccurate assumptions. It’s not a bunch of guys coming together in a parking lot showing off their old classics, let’s just get that guess out of the way. It’s more of an exclusive club that allows its members to use the cars within the fleet of vehicles in the club as their own. Levels of membership determine when you can take a car, for how long, which type of car, etc. Memberships start at $4,500 for the year, and then the member can buy points which determines which class of car he/she can use. The car classes range from classic American muscle all the way up to European exotics. The clubhouses are located within New York city, but they are working to expand to Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. In the clubhouse the members have complete access to game rooms, bar areas, and much more. They are encouraged to come and interact with other members and to bring their own friends to enjoy club access, as it’s available to all friends of a current member.

Now to the main part of the article, The only reason we have been talking about this. Classic Car Club has just premiered a new Mclaren 12C Spider into their fleet. They already had a MP12-C Coupe available to their platinum members, but now the convertible will be available as well. The event was held at the SoHo clubhouse with many members of the club on hand. There was a Formula 1 Mclaren available for viewing but I wasn’t really too concerned with that, they had a sign that read, “please do not touch.” I walk away from signs like that immediately, because with my luck I would break something. In a closing note, I would love to join the Classic Car Club but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of disposable income. If I did I would join right away and put my name on the board for the Ferrari 458 Italia and the SLS AMG. Hot chicks in bikinis tend to migrate towards those cars to pose for random pics, and I wouldn’t mind being around when they did that. WINNING!

In case anyone is interested in memberships click here to download the memebership rates card. The points chart can be viewed here. To view all the cars in the fleet click here.

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