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Mclaren F1 Spy Photos Part 2: Heating up the Battle


McLaren solidified itself as the most technologically advanced automaker in the world with the MP4-12C. The white-coats in their labs invented a completely new “suspension” system. I put that word in quotes because I’m not quite sure what to call it since it has no traditional springs, shocks, and anti-roll bars. This new suspension, although in a sports car, has been known to ride smoother than a Rolls Royce, but ‘rounds a corner like, well, a McLaren.

However, the brains back in the U.K. factory have not been resting. While news has been trickling out regarding the successor to the F1, codenamed the P12, word of yet another outlandish technology has surfaced. McLaren calls it “Kinetic Engine Recovery System.” Apparently this system will be able to provide an additional 200hp to the engine in short bursts. The KERS has been used to a degree in F1 racing. It stores kinetic energy that is generated during braking in a flywheel or battery to be recycled for acceleration.

Earlier there was an article posted regarding Ferrari’s dealings with their own hybrid KERS system in their V12 power plant to be used in the F12 Berlinetta, which will replace the 599. McLaren and Ferrari are forming quite the rivalry here. The MP4-12C was a direct competitor to the 458 Italia in both price and performance. Both automakers are prepping their hyper-cars for a battle of the ages. With this arms race heating up, I’m sure some great face melting cars are on the horizon.

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