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Mercedes Counting On it’s Baby Benz to Catch BMW


Daimler announced the baby Benz during Superbowl weekend with an amazing ad campaign. Daimler wishes to be the world’s largest luxury automaker and it cannot achieve such a designation without creating a car like the 190 was. A small 4 door sedan that isn’t going to just cater the wealthiest of buyers.

BMW and Audi have been doing this for years offering their 3 series’ and A4′s at lower prices. In the United States that cheapest Mercedes one can try to attain is the C-class and it starts at $35,350, but now with the CLA coming into the picture you have an offering at $29,900. A significant enough lowering in price that Daimler believes that this will put them over the top for the crown the yearn to achieve. Dieter Zetsche, the CEO for Daimler says, “We want to beat the competition — on a permanent basis.” He believes that the CLA will put his company on the right track, “The course we have set is the right one. We will follow it — undeterred by the ups and downs of the markets”

Automakers such as GM, Volkswagen, and Toyota are fighting to be the biggest automakers in the world and provide cars for anyone and everyone. While Mercedes-Benz doesn’t care about that, they wish to have some semblance of the niche market they occupy. Number one luxury automaker!

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