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Russian Dash Cam Catches Crazy Accident


All the craziest videos come from Russia! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are sad, and sometimes like in this case; they are crazy. I feel like everyone in Russia is just walking around with a video recording device, ready to go. I mean come on, some of the videos online from Russia are either staged, or your amazed that someone was actually recording as the event occurred. As the case with the video we have here, who sets up a dash cam, randomly? I mean I have filmed my podcast before while I drove around, but nothing crazy happened when I did that. Well someone did get into a fight…hahaha…But nothing as crazy as this. Check out Episode 1 to hear about the fight.

“Reports claim the driver lost control of his vehicle after its front-left tire blew out. He then drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into a fence where the vehicle was launched high into the air.”

“Unfortunately, The report translated from Russian tells us the 30-year-old driver died at the scene from his injuries, and his passenger is still being treated for life-threatening injuries.”

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