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SSC Tuatara: Going for the Bugatti SS


Shelby SuperCars came out of the closet with its Ultimate Aero in 2007 with sights aimed at stealing the, then, production speed champion, the Bugatti Veyron. The car successfully toppled Volkswagen’s halo car for the record with a top speed of 256 mph. This mark was short-lived as the stern Germans viewed this as unacceptable. Enter the current champion, the Bugatti Veyron SS. The redesigned W16 monster added over 200 bhp to reach an astonishing 267 mph.

There have been some recent issues that the Guinness Book of World Records has had with both the Veyron SS and the Hennessy Venom GT, which has resulted in both of the cars’ figures to be stricken from the title. The Bugatti ran with its speed limiter turned off, which Guinness views as a “modification,” and Henessy has not made nearly enough examples of the Venom to be considered a production car. Therefore, technically, the Ultimate Aero has once again been recognized as the fastest production car, but that is a dirty way to take the crown. Any gear head will tell you that the Veyron SS is still the champ.

Under their new moniker, SSC North America, Jerod Shelby’s team vowed to return with a new champion to dethrone Bugatti. The SSC Tuatara is the realization of that revenge.

According to their engine dyno, SSC’s newly designed quad cam, twin turbo, 7.0L V8 churns out over 1350 horsepower. This figure becomes increasingly frightening when you learn that the production model will weigh in at a tad over 2600lbs. Victory is virtually guaranteed, given there is a road which would allow for such a test to take place. The halo cars of our day have begun to outperform nearly every road in existence.

With a projected top-speed of 275 mph, SSC has brought the U.S. its champion to fight for the world title of fastest street car. And boy, does it look good!

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