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Ford Sued For False Mileage Claims on Hybrids-Class Action


This is just way too funny, I mean the fact that two guys are organizing a class action law suit against Ford with over a 100 owners. I mean I’m not a Ford enthusiast or anything and even I just think this is a little going over the top. I mean the EPA usually sets estimates and this is what people should go by. This is just a waste of litigation money if you ask me. the Detroit Free Press wrote:

Complaints that Ford made misleading mileage claims for two hybrids are being combined into class-action lawsuits by two California law firms representing unhappy owners.
McCuneWright of Redlands, Calif., and Robbins, Geller, Rudman and Dowd of San Diego are consolidating lawsuits against Ford, arguing that Ford’s assertion that the 2013 Fusion and C-Max hybrids get 47 m.p.g. is false and misleading, said Jack Boren, head of business operations for McCuneWright.
Ford cannot comment on pending litigation, said spokeswoman Kristina Adamski, but the automaker says owners praise the vehicles and report a “range of fuel economy figures, including some reports above 47 m.p.g., reinforcing the fact that driving styles, driving conditions and other factors can cause mileage to vary.”
The lawsuits, which may seek punitive damages, represent more than 100 owners who said they didn’t get close to the advertised fuel efficiency, said partner Richard McCune.
They claim they are losing money at the pump and the resale value of their cars will drop.

I don’t see these people wining this case, you can’t argue mileage that way. I mean everyone drives differently, how would the court prove that everyone is driving the same way, trying to maximize gas mileage. This is why you leave it up to people like us to review the car and let you know what we observed as gas mileage. All Ford would have to do to win, is provide the data that shows them doing the testing and arriving at the results they observed. This is a total waste of the legal system.

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