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V12 Engine Built In Home Garage From Two LS1 Engines


You know stuff like this has to make you happy. Lately all I keep hearing about is how turbos and superchargers are going to be taking over, while engines will be getting smaller. Well just like me, LS1Tech forum member V12Baker has a better idea. He calls it the “LS12″ and with good reason, it is a 12 cylinder made from cutting the last two cylinders off two separate LS1 engines. The LS12 is around 8.9 liters and produces 525 hp, at least that’s what it dynoed in the Tahoe it was mounted in.

That’s not even the most exciting part, V12Baker plans to build 5 more engines, to put them in various cars. With that he states that he will try and supercharge them in the near future. Gold bless people like this, there’s nothing like a mean high displacement V12 to set the mood; enough of these Lambo 6.oLiter V12′s, its time for real muscle to come into the frame. Check out the handy work below in a video and photos.

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