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Rigid Industries FAQ

How Strong Are Rigid Industries LED Lights?

Rigid Industries LED lights are designed to handle the the roughest road and weather conditions. They feature professional-grade housings combined with advanced technology to achieve a truly superior type of off-road lighting. Rigid Industries run their lights through a battery of tests, such as vibration, corrosion, submersion, dust and voltage, to ensure they are ready for use.

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What's The Difference Between The D2 and Dually LED Lights?

Both the D2 and Dually LED lights are constructed using the same lightweight yet durable aluminum housing. The difference, however, is that the Dually uses the Rigid Industries Hybrid Optics System. Once it's turned on, the Dually is capable of pumping out 1,568 lumens while drawing just 15.8 watts and 1.1 amps.


What's The Difference Between The Specter and Hybrid Optics?

The Specter and Hybrid Optics are two patent pending technologies pioneered by Riged Industries. Although they look similar in appearance with each light safely tucked inside a chrome housing, the Hybrid Optics light features the company's TIR reflector and is available in floor or spot configuration. The Specter Optic is available in either a wide or driving beam configuration.


What's The Difference Between The Flood Beam and Hybrid Spotlight Patterns?

The flood beam configuration uses a higher trough to illuminate a wider range, whereas the the spotlight configuration uses a lower trough to illuminate a longer but less narrow range. Both of these lighting configurations have their own purposes, so it's important for drivers to choose the one best suited for their needs.


Warranty Information

Rigid Industries backs all of their off-road lights with an iron-clad lifetime warranty. If your product is defective in workmanship or material, you can send it into their factory for inspection. Their claims department will then inspect the product to verify the defect was not caused by abuse, negligence or unauthorized disassembly.


To start the warranty process, you must first acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by calling the Rigid Industries warranty department at 480-655-0100 ext. 1008, or by filling out the RMA form online. After receiving the RMA number, ship the defective product along with your proof of purchase to the address specified on the form. Mark the RMA number on both the proof purchase and packaging to expedite the process.


Rigid Industries Warranty Schedule

  • 0-60 Days: Rigid Industries will inspect the product to determine the cause of defect. If product is deemed defective by material or workmanship, they will replace or repair it while covering all charges associated with labor, parts and return shipping.

  • 61 Days: 1 Year: Products between 61 days and a year are eligible for repair only. If product is deemed defective by material or workmanship, they will replace or repair it while covering all charges associated with labor, parts and return shipping.

  • More Than 1 Year: Rigid Industries will cover the cost of parts of return shipping only product deemed defective by material or worksmanship.


Rigid Industries warranties are voided if evidence of one or more of the following is found by the claims department:

  • Negligence

  • Abuse

  • Unauthorized Repair

  • Seal Tampering

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