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What is the Torture Team?

Torture Team. For some, hearing those words spoken together conjures up thoughts of Dick Rumsfeld and water-boarding. But if you are someone whose thoughts lean more toward monster truck shows, ATV racing, or wake surfing, Torture Team represents the best of the best in those competitive sports and more.

The brainchild of Rigid Industries – a world leader in LED lighting products – the Torture Team is composed of the best teams and individual athletes in the worlds of competitive off-road, marine, and power sports. It’s no coincidence that these are the sports in which Rigid’s forward-projecting vehicle lights are a crucial element. However, the resounding and consistent praise Rigid receives from the elite athletes they sponsor, for products so closely tied to safety during competition, speaks volumes.

“I race with Rigid Industries because I was tired of racing in the dark.” – Driver Nick Isenhouer of Torture Team member Dirt Alliance.

"Rigid Industries lighting is incredible. It not only allows me the light I need to work on tackle and organize my boat after dark, it keeps me safe while I drive.” – FLW Tour Pro and Torture Team member Justin Lucas.

As a result of the popularity and effectiveness of their product “torture” tests and their de facto fan club, Rigid Nation, the folks at Rigid wanted a more entertaining way to put their money where their mouths were when it came to singing the praises of their vehicle-based products with their “toughest, brightest, most reliable” claims. What better way than to sponsor the most prolific athletes in each sport, offering the best of their products for the greatest torture tests of all?

Since its inception, Torture Team has dominated the hottest, most dangerous sporting competitions, bringing welcome attention to Rigid products as they compete in the toughest conditions on Earth.

The 33 current Torture Team members (both individual and team) and represent the following sports.

  • Bass Fishing/Angling

  • Wake Surfing

  • Motocross and Dirt Bike Racing

  • Motorsports and Drift Racing

  • Monster Truck Racing

  • Off-road Desert and Mountain Racing: ATVs, Trophy Trucks, Pickups, Trophy Karts

  • Off-shore Ocean Fishing

  • Snowboard Expedition Racing

The partnerships between Rigid and their Torture Team athletes involve using only Rigid LED lighting products and displaying the Rigid Industries signature star emblem on the vehicles during competition.

“I knew this was my chance to partner with the very best brands in the industry. Becoming a part of the Torture Team was a no brainer for me.” – Professional Off-Road Champion and Torture Team member RJ Anderson.

Rigid has also partnered with Torture Team athletes to create Signature Series products, gaining valuable input with a high level of expertise and credibility during the product development process.

"Rigid lights are the only lights I trust while out on the water." – 2010 BASS Federation Champion and 2012 and 2013 Elite Champion, inspiration for the Palaniuk Signature Series Boat Deck Light Kit, and Torture Team member Brandon Palaniuk.

In another Torture Team partnership currently taking the radio controlled (RC) car racing world by storm, Axial, a leader in RC products, has released a replica of a Jeep Wrangler, inspired by Torture Team member Casey Currie’s vehicle of choice, with a functional replica of Rigid’s flagship 50 E-Series LED Light Bar and two Rigid Dually lights.

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